The Trinitarian Empire is the name for the Jewish, Christian, Muslim pantheon. They are currently the most powerful group of dieties in control of the the Ethereal Plane. They have either forced other dieties to become subservient and sent the one who were powerful enough to oppose them to the Lower Depths.


Overlord SupremeEdit

A being of immense power who claims to have been existant before existance was begot. If he was known by those upon Earth he might be known by "the Father" of the New Testament. The enlightening serpent in Eden in the Old Testament, whom merely wishes to free humanity. The "God Behind" or Monad as he is known in Gnosticism

Demiurge SubjugateEdit

This diety is often thought to be Satan, or Lucifer. He is wrongly attributed as being the serpent in the Old Testament, when in reality he was the Creator God, YAHWEH, or so he claimed when he tried to impose himself over Mankind. Although he is antagonistic to the True Overlord, he is not an adversary as texts whould have you believe. He is simply a tool that the Overlord uses to gain belief from mankind.

Spirit of the SonEdit

Created shortly after the Demiurge, the Spirit of the Son, was brought into teh exitance by the Overlord whom is a truely nuetral being only concerned about gaining belief. He was forged to oppose the Demiurge adn fight for the rights of Man. He is believe to have come down to the Worldly Level 2000 years ago as an Incarnate, whose human name was Jesus|Jesus Christ.

High CourtEdit

Michael - Gabriel - Raphael - Azrael - Uriel

Low CourtEdit

Sealtiel means "Intercessor of God" (III Esdras 5:16). He is depicted with his face and eyes lowered, holding his hands on his bosom in prayer.
Jegudiel means "Glorifier of God." He is depicted bearing a golden wreath in his right hand and a triple-thonged whip in his left hand.
Barachiel means "Blessing of God." He is depicted holding a white rose in his hand against his breast.
Jeremiel means "God's exaltation

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