The Severo Family Massacre is an event in which the Unholy Devourer drives Constantine Severo into madness in the middle of the night, resulting in the death of three of the family's members.


  • Constantine Severo - Awoken from a terrible nightmare, Constantine perpetrates these acts while in a trance-like state being commanded by the "voice in his head."
  • David Severo - Enticed and immensely pressured to kill his own brother, Joshua, by his father.


  • Jack Severo - Unbeknownst to teh family, is out with his love interest, Adrianna Drexl. He comes home to be traumatized by what he witnesses.
  • Cecilia Severo - Due to the immense trauma of witnessing these event firsthand, she narrowly escapes death as her father chases her out the door with a butcher knife. Is Raptured by a blinding light as she opens the front door.


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