Races of the WorldEdit

  • Mortal Man - While irrevocably ordinary people, en masses, humans decide the fate of the "Beings in Existancce".
  • Faith Mage - Humans who can bend and placate axiom enough to produce "magic effects"
  • Celestial Endowed - A supernaturally-imbued human with a link to a patron diety.
  • Starforged - Artificial beings, who are powered by Axiom whom are created by deities to achieve various means, .
  • Hallowed Incarnate - Dead persons possessed by a deity. They are the most supernatural of the Worldly Races.

Races of the PlaneEdit

  • Godborne - Native beings who wax and wane according to favour humanity as a whole has for them.
  • Subservi - Beings who were created by Dieties from Axiom to serve them in the Ethereal Plane
  • Transubstantiated - Humans who have undergone transubstantiation, either through pure will or the will of a deity. Usuallys erve as peasents tot eh dities, but a few have been known to have powers that rival the gods.

Races of the Lower DepthsEdit

Races of the World-BetweenEdit

  • Darklings - Beings whom are native to an area of the World Between know as "the Void" that are charged to protect the Barrier Veil"
  • Geists - Remains of humans trapped in the World-Between while they wait to be Raptured
  • Spirits - Elemental incarnations of the Nature of World, such as spirits of trees, animals, rocks, soil, air, etc etc.

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