The Wards of the Earthly DomainsEdit

1st Ward - a Crystal skull imbued with the lifeforce of the deities of theTemples of the Teotl

2nd Ward - Once owned by the Monkey King the Ruyi Jingu Bang was made a Ward of theAstral Bureaucracy and endowed with strange power

3rd Ward - Known as the Ultimate Book of the Dead

4th Ward - Formed collectively by the Tribes of the Native Gods, the Primeval Tomahawk is waraxe with formidable powers of speed, rotation and devastation.

5th Ward - Also known as the Bow of Misfortune. A bow once used by Hercules, which was ascended and given the abilities of Apollo's and Cupid's weapons as well.

6th Ward - Mjöllnir, a normal hammer ascended and given Wardship, once in the custody of Thor himself has now been lost in the Worldly Realm, only known by the remaining members of the Aesirian Dynasty and those whom serve them
7th Ward - Also known as Excalibur, it was ascended and imbued by the People of the Mounds

8th Ward - Also known as the Spear of Longinus, it is that Ward of the Consentesial Repulic. Once used by Hitler to form a Empire.

Last Ward - As humanity is was slowly shifting towards a new paradigm the Trinitarian Empire decided it best to preserve their power in a ward around the time of Christ. It was then that the Holy Grail was forged.

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