The Hatcher family is a dysfunctional, grotesque family living on the outskirts of Charlotteville in an 100 year old farmhouse, secluded in the woods.


George Hatcher - A perverted and subersive, authoritarian patriarch whom dominates and controls his family's actions, and partial to domestic abuse.
Gregoria Hatcher - The family's crack addicted, obese, bi-polar mother
Miles Freeley - Gregoria's father, an elderly man with a penchant for cannibalism and necrophilia.
Androgina Hatcher - Born a boy, but given estrogeen in cycles throughout her life. The sweetest of the bunch, she has sever moodswing an multiple-personality disorder.
Albert Mayweather - Albert is a schizophrenic with an obsession with molesting an raping animals
The Tumor - A bulking, idiot whom has fits of homicidal rage.
Delilah Grey - The family's "feral child" whom is 22 years old, but has the mental age of a 13 year old

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