Out of the several pantheons around the world only 9 of them were strong enough to create a Heavenly Ward, thus securing their place in the modern world.


Trinitarian Empire - A Jewish/christian/Islamic/Gnostic gods
Order of Olympians - Greek dodekathon that once reached tot eh Far East.
Temples of the Teotl - The widespread pantheon of Natives in South American
Tribes of the Native Gods - Dities of various Native American tribes that had to merge and combine, down to the individual entitiy in some cases, in order to survive.
Astral Bureaucracy - the parliamentary, political gods of Chinese culture
Aesirian Dynasty - the Nordic and Germanic pantheon in which Heathenism thrived.
Consentesial Repulic - The goverment of the Roman gods led by the 12 Dii Consentes
People of the Mounds - The Celtic pantheon.
Guardians of Kemet - The Ancient Egyptian Pantheon

Other PantheonsEdit

At teh time when the Edict of the Wards was given, some dieties didn't have enough Mana to forge Wards. These dieties were cast tot eh Lower Depths to be forgotten by the Trinitarian Empire.

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