Simply known as the Endowed, are demigods whom are forced are forced into a role of vassal for their patron diety.

The AwakeningEdit

After a period of intense trauma, the soon-to-be Endowed seek to be relieved from the pain of living. At this moment the "space between worlds" is weakened and a patron diety is free to contact him/her. At this point a symbiotic relationship is developed, where they frequently commune. The greater their relationship is and the more Axiom they gain for their patron (To a lesser degree, the god's pantheon), the more they get to share in the power.



Notable Endowed by AgeEdit

Throughout the Age of Man there have been several notable Endowed to have done either deeds of great evil or great good throughout the eras.

Classical EraEdit

Dark AgesEdit


  • Grigori Rasputin - A log-lived Endowed, serving the Order of Olympians. It is believe that Hades was his patron in that he was often reported to have died and come backs several times.
  • Adolf Hitler - An Endowed whom posed as an Christian and tried to aid his shattered patron diety by annhilating a good portion of the followers of the Trinitarian Empire, whome were the Jewish people. To help him achieve this end, he somehow acquired the 7th Ward, using it to further to favour of the Aesir Dynasty. Gefion is believed to be his patron, due to his "luck" surviving his many assasination attempts (although this could be attributed to his Endowed nature)) and his fertile and unfettered imperial expansion.

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